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Mr. Freeze, as one of the originators to the culture of Hip Hop, has lead a fascinating life from his contribution to the Break Dancing Culture.  The 1960’s gave birth to much more than peace, love, & hippie-ness, Mr Freeze of the Rock Steady Crew, was born!  Originally, from New York’s South Bronx, Marc Lemberger also spent much of his years in Paris, France giving Mr. Freeze a worldly taste to his up bringing.  1970’s brought a new feature into his life, call HIP HOP, introducing Break Dancing, and ultimately the creation of Mr. Freeze.
Much of “Freeze’s” skill set came from the harsh streets of the Bronx as he started his career by battling throughout the tough New York City street; which eventually brought him throughout the world. As a “Battler”, Freeze took his competitiveness to new levels of winning which brought him to stages in multiple continents such as Europe, South America, and Asia, not failing to mention countries such as Canada.  Although, it was the early 1980’s which truly broke ground for Break Dancing when a major motion film called “Flash Dance” hit the theaters.  People from all demographics spawned a new taste for Break Dancing & the Hip Hop culture catapulting the desire to learn break dancing moves to Hip Hop hits to the masses.  Not to mention, Paramount Pictures movie “Flash Dance” gave Mr. Freeze big break!
After the movie “Flash Dance”, Mr. Freeze’s was featured in numerous movies such as “Style Wars”, documentaries, commercials, & even music videos, adding to an already impressive repitoir of his Break Dancing experience.  Additionally, this uprising didn’t stop at movies & television as one of the proudest moments for Mr. Freeze and the other members of the Rock Steady Crew, was dancing for the Queen of England.  True Hip Hop & Break Dancing Royalty!
Over the years as the Hip Hop & Break Dancing cultures evolved another incredible moment of achievement came from VH1 honoring the Rock Steady Crew as “Honoree’s” in their Hip Hop Honor’s 2004.  And in 2006 MTV introduced Mr. Freeze as the “Coach” for MTV’s “Made”,  ‘I want to be a break dancer’. Mr. Freeze of the Rock Stead Crew as lead a “stead fast” life from Break Dancing and to this day continues.


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About author

Mr Freeze landed the night club promotions account for MGM Grand Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas, advocating max occupancy for Studio 54 & amp; Tabu Ultra Lounge.Mr. Freeze established to market an eclectic collaboration of talented individuals; featuring acts such Living Statues..After 6 years of marketing & promotions, Marc went on to become Director of Marketing and Promotions for the Light Group over seeing venues of all sizes such as Myst, Brand Steak House, Revolution Lounge, and Jet Night Club. Today, Mr. Freeze of the Rock Steady Crew has his hands in his largest venture to date, The UBC "The Ultimate B. Boy Championship". August of 2010, the inaugural event cleared over 23,000 attendees at the MGM Grand Garden Arena and was covered and televised by ESPN. The UBC is Freeze's new addition to Break Dancing challenges as he brings this event to New York City, the details are in the formality stage. Regardless of how much experience Mr. Freeze will always tell you, "I am still improving my crafts to this day and will remain a true student of the culture of Hip Hop & Break Dancing until the day I die!"







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